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I was born in Romania on a Full Moon, with the Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Gemini, gifting me a thirst for exploration, adventure, learning, books, mystery and magic. I study and practice the sacred oracular crafts of Tarot, Lenormand and astrology, and have done so for over 10 years (and intend to continue with both these crafts well into my crone years).

My other interests include gardening and yoga, both instrumental in grounding body and mind. Above all I am a pagan who is happy tending to my struggling tomatoes and thriving weeds with plenty of dirt under my fingernails, forging a relationship with Mother Earth who gives birth to, and nourishes us all.


Prior to moving to Cairns in September 2021, I lived in the Whitsunday region, which was the inspiration behind the name of my consultancy, and where I lived on 5 acres with my family and as many books and houseplants as I could get away with (the later still being true no matter where I live!). 

Now based in the Cairns region, I continue to offer tarot and astrology consultations to local, national and international clients, while expanding my eclectic book, deck and houseplant collection.

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