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  • All readings are currently done online using Zoom or Skype and require payment in full prior to beginning (via PayPal)

  • My time zone is AEDT (based in Cairns, Australia), please check your local time accordingly

  • Regular reading slots are each Friday at 9:30am and 11:00am AEST (GMT +10)

  • Readings may be arranged outside of these times depending on my availability - please email me to confirm

To book a reading, please choose what reading you would like and email to confirm a date, time and payment. Astrological services require a minimum 48 hour advance booking to allow for chart preparation.


Tarot Reading $60

A tarot reading to address a specific issue, obtain an answer, make the right choice or decide on the best course of action. I have over 10 years' experience as a tarot reader, offering my services to a wide range of clients that appreciate my grounded, down to earth and pragmatic approach. It helps if you have a question or an issue you would like clarification on (I do not need to know what this is). 
Tarot readings usually last between 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the question.

Astrology Tarot Spread.png

Birthday Tarot Reading $100

An in-depth reading usually undertaken either around the client's birthday, or around the end of the year, where I look at what the coming 12 months will bring into focus across 12 areas of life. 
Birthday tarot readings usually last between 60 to 75 minutes.

Natal Chart Interpretation $120 (60 to 75 minutes)

An in-depth exploration of your natal chart, the placement of the planets in signs and houses, their meaning, and the opportunities and challenges presented by their placements. I will need your date, place and time of birth, ideally to the nearest minute. I record the session and provide you with a copy of the audio recording. 

Relationship (Synastry) Charts $180 (75 to 90 minutes)

Analysis of two individual charts and how they complement each other, focusing on both beneficial and challenging aspects. This can be for romantic or business partnerships alike. I will need the date, place and time of birth for both charts, and a copy of the audio recording will be provided.

The year ahead: follow up consultation $90 (1 hour)

For those who have already had a natal chart interpretation and would like to know what the year ahead brings. This is ideally done at the time of one’s birthday, I look at the year ahead, the challenges and opportunities as indicated by current transits and the solar return. A copy of the audio recording will be provided.

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