All readings are currently done online using Zoom or Skype. 

Please note all consultations require payment in full prior to starting (via PayPal).

To book a reading, please email

Natal Chart Interpretation $120 (60 to 75 minutes)

This is an in-depth exploration of your natal chart, the placement of the planets in signs and houses, their meaning, and the opportunities and challenges presented by their placements. I will need your date, place and time of birth, ideally to the nearest minute. I record the session and provide you with a copy of the audio recording. 

Relationship (Synastry) Charts $180 (90 minutes)

Analysis of two individual charts and how they complement each other, focusing on both beneficial and challenging aspects. This can be for romantic or business partnerships alike. I will need the date, place and time of birth for both charts, and a copy of the audio recording will be provided.

The year ahead: follow up consultation $90 (1 hour)

For those who have already had a natal chart interpretation and would like to know what the year ahead brings. This is ideally done at the time of one’s birthday, I look at the year ahead, the challenges and opportunities as indicated by current transits and the solar return. A copy of the audio recording will be provided.


Tarot Reading $60 (half hour)

A reading where we meet online, on a platform such as Zoom or Skype. It helps if you have a question or an issue you would like clarification on (I do not need to know what this is).