I offer consultations in the practice of tarot and astrology. These are available in person at my studio at Conway, or can be done remotely online.

Please note all online consultations require payment in full prior to starting (via PayPal or direct debit).

Natal Chart Interpretation $120 (60 to 75 minutes)

This is an in-depth exploration of your natal chart, the placement of the planets in signs and houses, their meaning, and the opportunities and challenges presented by their placements. I will need your date, place and time of birth, ideally to the nearest minute. I record the session and provide you with a copy of the audio recording. 

Relationship (Synastry) Charts $180 (90 minutes)

Analysis of two individual charts and how they complement each other, focusing on both beneficial and challenging aspects. This can be for romantic or business partnerships alike. I will need the date, place and time of birth for both charts, and a copy of the audio recording will be provided.

The year ahead: follow up consultation $90 (1 hour)

For those who have already had a natal chart interpretation and would like to know what the year ahead brings. This is ideally done at the time of one’s birthday, I look at the year ahead, the challenges and opportunities as indicated by current transits and the solar return. A copy of the audio recording will be provided.


Tarot Reading $50 (half hour)

A tarot reading provides guidance and insight into a particular area of life, with common issues pertaining to business, work, relationship or children. It helps if you have a specific issue or question in mind (I do not need to know what this is).