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  • What is the difference between a tarot reading and an astrology chart?
    While both tarot and astrology can be used for guidance, they differ considerably in the way they are employed. A tarot reading involves the use of a tarot deck that consists of 78 cards. Usually the querent (the person I am reading for) has a question or an issue they would like an answer to, or to obtain insight and guidance (I do not need to know what this is, although it can help structure the question). I shuffle and draw cards to give insight and answers to their question. Sometimes I fan out the cards and ask the client to choose cards themselves if they are comfortable doing so. An astrology chart requires an accurate time of birth be provided, in addition to the date and place of birth. This is used to draw up the natal chart, which shows the sign of each of the planets, luminaries, and any other bodies, stars or points I consider relevant. I then discuss at length the implications for the client depending on the planet’s sign, the house it is located in, and aspects it makes with other planets. A person’s natal astrology chart is set for their given time of birth, and does not change during their life. However, as the luminaries and the planets continue their revolutions around the Sun at different speeds, they will make contacts (or aspects/transits) with their natal position, thus bringing in opportunities or challenges depending on the client’s specific natal planetary placements (interpretation of planetary transits requires a separate session to the natal chart interpretation – please see the Services).
  • Can you answer questions relating to health issues?
    No, I do not offer this as a service. However, there are experienced medical astrologers that can offer guidance on health matters (please contact me if you would like specific recommendations).
  • Why is there such a difference in the cost between a tarot reading and an astrology chart?
    A tarot reading usually takes around half an hour, and does not require any prior study or research on my behalf. An astrology chart requires prior time commitment from me; it takes me between 2 to 3 hours to understand, write up key points/insights, research and structure so it is relevant and specific to each client. Then the consultancy session itself, where I sit down with the client, takes around 75 minutes.
  • I don’t have an accurate time of birth – can I still get an astrology chart done?
    Yes, you can, however there are a couple of key chart points that may not be accurately determined; for example, if you are born on a day when the Moon changes sign, it may not be possible to determine which sign the Moon is in exactly. You may seek the services of a reputable astrologer that offers a chart rectification service to ascertain your time of birth (please contact me if this is something you wish to pursue, however please note that reputable astrologers’ fees are commensurate with their decades of experience).
  • How long does a reading take?
    Currently my tarot readings are usually around half an hour, natal astrology charts 75 minutes, and transit or solar return charts around 60 minutes.
  • What questions can I ask?
    With a tarot reading, common questions are usually focused on relationships, career, business, pregnancy, children and vocational study. I do not answer questions relating to health matters. For a natal astrology chart, the focus is on understanding your astrological make-up and what implications this may have for relationships, career, pregnancy, etc. Natal astrology charts where an accurate time of birth is available are great for vocational or career indicators, and popular with younger clients that are considering what is the best choice for trade or university courses.
  • How old do I need to be in order to get a tarot reading?
    While I do not have an age restriction for my readings, I require a parent or legal guardian be present for anyone under 16 years of age.
  • Do you offer online readings?
    Yes, at present most of my readings are done via Zoom or Skype.
  • I would like some guidance but am not sure whether to choose a tarot or astrology reading – what would you recommend?
    My personal experience is to recommend an astrology reading, as tarot readings are far better suited (and much more effective) when a set question is asked, or a specific issue requires insight and guidance.
  • Can I record my reading?
    Yes, absolutely. All sessions are recorded on video and a link with the video recording is sent to the client afterwards (currently via Dropbox).
  • How often can I get a reading?
    For tarot readings, I would recommend waiting a couple of months before re-visiting the same question or issue. A natal astrology chart is only done once, however a solar return or transit chart is done once a year.
  • Are you able to come to my home?
    I am able to travel to Proserpine, Cannonvale and Airlie Beach without a surcharge, provided a quiet environment is available.
  • I have read that my sun sign has changed due to something called the “precession of the equinoxes”. Is my astrology chart still valid?
    Your sun sign has not changed (no matter how much you may want it to!). While the precession of the equinoxes is a factually observed phenomenon, those who correlate this to having a different sign show a lack of understanding of Western astrology, which is not star-based, but season-based. What this means is that the Western zodiac is based on the seasons, starting on the first day of the spring equinox, which is a set relationship between the Earth and the Sun that is the same at each equinox, and has been for millions of years. So the Western zodiac starts at the first day of the spring equinox, which is 0 degrees Aries, and then proceeds through the seasons, so that each season contains 3 signs. This is why the “cardinal” signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are known as initiators, pioneers, and entrepreneurs, as they are the beginning of each season and thus point the way/direction of that season; and the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are known as the “fixed” signs, as they are in the middle of a season, when there is no change; while Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are called “mutable” signs, as they are the end of the season, thus heralding the change for a new season to come after them. In short, while the stars have moved, the Western zodiac is not using a star-based zodiac, so your sun sign has not changed at all.
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