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Full Moon in Aries : courage and vision


Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini.

Today is rather auspicious: we have a Full Moon, a Total Lunar Eclipse, and a Super Moon, in the sign of Aries: bold, courageous, impulsive, extroverted, competitive and enterprising. Aries likes to lead, to pioneer, the be the first. It is a fire sign, and like all fire signs can be self-centred (takes one to know one 😉 …), intuitive and visionary.

After 6 months of absence, I finally feel lucid enough to start writing again. Our little man arrived early on 4 July (saluting all the American readers out there!) and since then the world has been an ecstatic, jubilant, at times terrifying, yet overall amazing whirlwind of love, pure love. It seems to only get better now, as I am slowly getting a bit more sleep, just enough to rekindle my interest in tarot work and astrology studies.


Moon Goddess Diana by Susan Boulet

Moon Goddess Diana by Susan Boulet Source: Pinterest

A simple way of doing this is to stand under the Full Moon, soaking up that magnificent light, asking it for blessing and guidance. Feasting on moonlight, working with the Tarot Moon card, creating a visual board or journaling about one’s intentions are all great ways to work with this energy. Personally I prefer to do a simple ritual – burn some frankincense, light a sage stick and a candle, and have a little chat with Diana.

Wishing everyone a blessed journey, Monica

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