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Full Moon in Scorpio: insights and practices

Roman mold-formed pottery oil lamp ca. 1st to 2nd century CE with scorpion image

This post outlines the key Scorpio features, energies and attributes, and then provides some guidance on what practices would be of benefit to undertake at a Full Moon in Scorpio, based on the information presented earlier.

Before I start, I should note that at each Full Moon in Scorpio, there will be additional factors that would modify the information presented here, depending on what aspects the Moon makes with other planets at the time. For example, if the Moon also happens to be conjunct Mars, say, this would bring in and amplify the energy of Mars (competition, aggression, drive, physical activity, action, etc.). This means that the particular attributes of each Full Moon should be assessed in the context of a full horoscope in order to obtain the whole, big picture. Nonetheless, the information presented below makes a good starting point.

Please note: when I refer to a Scorpio feature, trait or adjective, I am simply referring either to the pure quality of the Scorpio symbol irrespective of which planet it is found in one’s natal chart, or to someone who has a significant Scorpio placement in their natal chart (e.g. Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon, angular Scorpio or stellium in Scorpio). You may or may not find the descriptions below relevant to you depending on where Scorpio rests in your chart, and what planets or luminaries (if any) are in Scorpio – thus the whole natal chart needs to be examined to see the relevance to you and your circumstances.

To understand Scorpio, it is important to understand the core essence of the sign derived from its element, modality, ruling planet, symbol, and body part rulership.


Scorpio is a water sign. The element of water is attributed the Jungian function of feeling/emotion. Sensitivity, empathy, and the ability to pick up on other’s emotional state are a feature of all the water signs. The positive aspects of this are being able to empathise and deeply care for other people, however the negative side is emotional manipulation, given how good they are at detecting other’s emotional state or motives.


Urania’s Mirror 1825 Source:

All signs fall under one of the three modalities: cardinal, fixed or mutable. Scorpio is of fixed modality, and as the name suggests, fixed implies lack of movement or change. So here we have immovable water: think of the saying, “still waters run deep“, and now we start to get an understanding into Scorpio. If we think about what fixed emotions and feelings would be like, it can be a steadfast loyalty and immovable support towards those considered by Scorpio to be their friend or partner: this is not a sign that changes their allegiance on a whim, and they expect the same unquestionable loyalty from the other party. It also means that once a betrayal occurs, it is never forgotten and seldom forgiven. They will hold a grudge for a long, long time, and find it very difficult to let go, forgive and forget. They are equally fixed in their love as they are in their hatred.

The ability to fixate, or focus on something, coupled with its watery sensitivity, give Scorpio an instinct second to none. This is the reason behind the sign’s association with vocations that involve research and detective work, but also healing, counselling and psychology: once it sets its sights on trying to figure something out, it does not let go until it gets to the core of it.

Ruling planet

Traditionally, Scorpio is ruled by Mars, God of war, and in modern astrology, it is ruled by Pluto, God of the underworld and death. That mythological symbolism should give you enough of an insight this sign is not exactly “love and light” in its approach to life or people. Mars brings competition, aggression, challenge, fighting, drive and ambition, and action. And because Scorpio is a water element as noted above, when they go into battle – which they are prone to on a regular basis – they would have sussed out what the other party is all about, what with their ability to pick up and sense others’ motivations and undercurrents.

Hades and Persephone in the underworld (Hades was the Greek equivalent of Pluto), interior of a Greek red-figured kylix (cup) Source: Anyone familiar with Hades’ abduction of Persephone knows it’s not exactly a tale of sweet romance

Whether you use the traditional ruler Mars, or the modern Pluto, for Scorpio, they both have in common the use of power and control over others. Pluto’s power combined with the water element equals powerful emotions and feelings. In fact, emotional intensity is often a signature for Scorpio: it can’t stand superficial emotions or facades, and has deep respect for those who are not afraid to deal with and face their feelings, and the underlying issues behind these (hence its association with healing therapies such as psychology, counselling etc).

I think (though I may be wrong) that Pluto is also part of the reason Scorpio is associated with the occult, mystery and magic. Scorpio is right at home penetrating hidden secrets and mysteries, what cannot be easily seen or detected, what has secret power and magic.


Scorpio constellation Source:

The modern symbol for Scorpio is the scorpion, who is much feared for the sting in its tale, and here lies another crucial insight: that sting can be really hurtful, and often venomous. Scorpios often have a really bad reputation – the worst among all zodiac signs – for their revenge and ability to stick the knife where it really, really hurts. Remember, this is fixed water: it is great at detecting your own motivations and weaknesses, and when hurt, it will hold a grudge like no one else, and deliver a payback you’ll remember for a long time (if you do in fact recover from it). The other feature of the scorpion is that it’s a solitary creature, usually hanging out in places where it can hide and not be seen. It would be fair to say Scorpio is not exactly a social butterfly, preferring solitude and introversion.

Finally, a little note on the myth of the scorpion being the only animal to kill itself when cornered, by stinging itself to death. I am yet to come across any reputable information that confirms this. Nonetheless, the myth holds an important story (as all myths do) about Scorpio: it lets no one have control over them. They may well let someone else think they do, but in reality, Scorpio always makes sure it holds all the power.

Historically, Scorpio has also had the eagle and the phoenix as its symbols – and I see the phoenix as particularly relevant to the sign, given its reputation for being able to rise above and transform through crisis. Scorpio is well known for generating crisis in order to get to the core of an issue, and then rise above it. Many people with emphasised Scorpio in their chart undergo immensely trying life challenges, the sort of things that annihilate others, and then are able to overcome and transform their lives.

Rulership of body parts

Scorpio rules the sexual and elimination organs in the body, which is part of the reason it is associated with sex. Add to this its penchant for power and control, and you realise that sexual manipulation is a negative manifestation for the sign while positively, it is not afraid of the sexual act, and gives all to their partner, often in emotionally charged, intensely erotic encounters.

Putting it all together: some practices for the Full Moon in Scorpio

The suggestions below are based on the information presented above. This is by no means a complete list, however I think it forms a solid platform from which you can expand your own version.

Healing work

It might sound difficult, unappealing or scary, yet if you are facing any health, relationship or spiritual crisis, the Full Moon in Scorpio can be a catalyst for undertaking some form of healing work that is emotionally honest, and that requires you to acknowledge and face issues rather than sticking your head in the sand and denying them.

Australian desert scorpion, Urodacus Yaschenkoi Source: Australian Geographic

It may be that this time is simply the acknowledgement that you need to start doing this, rather than going deep into it, for it can be a deeply intense time in itself without adding emotional overload. Starting the journey may be as simple (or as hard!) as stating your intention at the Full Moon, and then working away at it over the coming days and weeks. Any form of counselling or psychology work suits the Moon’s transit through Scorpio, however if this is not within your means, reading books or listening to podcasts on topics related to emotional healing, psychological understanding of human issues and challenges can be great too. Writing – emotionally honest writing – is a great way to process anything you may have hidden deep within, bringing it up to light and releasing it as you do so.

Manifestation ritual

My first encounter with an Australian scorpion on our verandah

Manifestation rituals are a common practice at the time of the Full Moon, so any Full Moon, regardless of sign, is suitable to undertake this. However, I would say the the Scorpio Full Moon is especially well suited to rituals where you:

  1. want to achieve anything that requires sustained focus, determination and perseverance

  2. want the outcome to be an understanding or revealing of any occult, secret or hidden information

  3. require a transformation to take place, a rebirth or new start to manifest

  4. need to unearth information through research or detective work (in essence asking for the synchronicity to bring secret information to your attention somehow)

As a pagan with a penchant for practicing what I like to call dirt magic, I am reluctant to give people a recipe for exactly how to create a ritual: part of the magic and the potency of a ritual is that you put your energy into creating it, in a manner that is right for you, and so your energy is directed towards the creation process aligned with your intent, rather than simply following blind what someone else says you “should” do. If you must, by all means search the internet for examples of Scorpio Full Moon rituals (you’ll find plenty of ideas), but don’t take it as the gospel.

Some examples that I have used in the past include drinking charged water (placing a cup of rain or filtered water under the Full Moon, setting your intention for it, and drinking it the next day), researching herbs of Scorpio and using these either as incense or tea in my ritual, visual meditation using a symbol of what I want to manifest to focus on, and so on.

Occult work

Those that are involved in, or would like to start, studying occult work, practicing it, or creating a viable business from it, might want to use the Full Moon in Scorpio as a supportive time to undertake this. Whether you are into ceremonial magic, witchcraft, natural magic, white magic, wicca, or any of the branches of the great tree of occult knowledge, the Full Moon in Scorpio is the Moon to really dive deep and penetrate oracular mysteries. This also goes for any divinatory work such as tarot, runes, I Ching, Lenormand, geomancy and so on.

The Full Moon in Scorpio invites us to explore the unknown, the deep, the secret and the hidden with courage, focus and honesty.

Wishing everyone a blessed Full Moon,


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