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Applying for a New Job Tarot Spread

This is a spread that looks at the potential of a new job, when you are considering applying for a specific role. The questions focus on whether this is a suitable role for you, rather than simply asking if you will be successful in getting the position – you can read a little bit about the importance of asking the right questions and my experience of being successful in getting the wrong job in my post, Asking a tarot question part 2: Work and Business.

This is a succinct 5 card spread, and I have an extended version of this spread I will write in a future post.

Recognition of one’s mastery and skill in work (New Mythic Tarot)

As the topic concerns work and by extension finances, a predominance of pentacles is encouraging, especially the 3 of Pentacles and the 8 of Pentacles which both refer to actual work situations. The exception to this is the 5 of Pentacles: should this appear in position 5, it tells you will be unsuccessful in getting the role, whereas if it appears in positions 2 or 4, it suggests you will not be happy in the role and should reconsider whether you really would like to do the job.

Cards from the suit of Cups talk about emotional fulfilment (or lack of) from work. I have had the 2 of Cups indicate, on more than one occasion, successful offer of employment, where as the 4 of Cups can show being offered a job one is not really that keen on (you may have your heart on a different job, but have to accept the current offer due to other circumstances).

The Emperor undoubtedly shows a position of authority and leadership (New Mythic Tarot)

A predominance of Swords is not necessarily negative, especially if you work in a role that requires communication, writing, networking, diplomacy or translation services. Again, the exception to the rule is the 5 of Swords (defeat), though having the 9 or 10 of Swords in positions 2 and/or 4 is not an ideal scenario, generally speaking.

Major Arcana cards indicate the new role plays a very significant part in one’s life – so if you draw 3 or 4 Major Arcana cards, the role you are interested in is crucial to your career potential and future development.

Court cards can be tricky to interpret (as usual!), however, mature cards such as Queens and Kings are about leadership positions, whereas Pages are more about starting on a new vocational path, or starting in a lower position (and having the potential to work your way to the top). Knights hint at lots of travel or advocacy work (battling for those who are unable to do so, fighting for a cause).

Cards 1 to 4 should give sufficient information on whether the role is right for you, and Card 5 will tell you if you will be successful or not in getting the job. As with all spreads, the whole spread needs to be carefully examined to arrive at an answer, rather than just focusing on one card.

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