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Business Tarot Spread

This is a spread partly inspired by Asia Suler's post, Your Business is your Spirit Guide. I had been meaning for a while to do a business spread that also incorporates spiritual insights, and reading Asia's post served as a nice way to remind me of that. She has a beautiful way of conveying spiritual messages or insights that bring understanding to those topics I find myself often struggling to articulate, and I particularly love this quote:

Our businesses are our spirit guides. They aren’t just something we create, but something that creates, and shapes, us. On that bright cold morning over a decade ago I had no idea that when I turned in my permit at the pine-scented office in town, I was signing a contract to work with one of the most profound spiritual teachers— my business.

Below is my version of the business spread, with the corresponding questions for each card position listed underneath. I also include a personal example, showing the cards I received when I did this spread recently for my own business.

  1. The present: where the business is now

  2. The past: the state of the business in the past, or the energies surrounding the business in the past

  3. The future: the direction I would like my business to take in the future This is where you really, really want your business to be, your deepest wish of achievement for your business; note that this is different to asking, what the future will bring for my business, for reasons outlined in card 4 below.

  4. Guidance from Spirit: what I need to do to get my business to were I want it to be as shown in card 3. Note that this question, and its answer, place responsibility - or empowerment - in your hands.

  5. Is this the right business for me? I had to think for a while on whether to include this here. Some would say, that if you need to ask, perhaps the answer is already no. I would kindly disagree. Sometimes doubts creep in, and that is a normal part of being a human being. Perhaps a key part, I would say.

  6. What spiritual lesson or journey is my business teaching me?

  7. Outcome card for the business

If you would like to amend the spread by changing, adding or subtracting questions, I recommend my post Asking a Tarot question for work and business, which goes a bit more in depth into the importance of asking the right questions in tarot.

I decided to do this spread using The New Immortals tarot deck, which was a Kickstarter project I received not long ago (after months in transit, may I add!).

1. The present: where the business is now 4 of Swords: an energy of pause and rest, which - of course - is spot on. We recently did an epic move of some 800km, leaving the Whitsundays for Cairns. It has taken me the better part of 3 months to "settle in", and on top of this I have been dealing with some health issues that have left me with big fatigue and not a lot of energy for much else beyond household jobs. I also have 2 young children, and until the youngest starts school, time is very limited to dedicate to my business. And that is ok, but it does mean that my business is taking a break, for now at least. While I am of course writing, doing a few readings and some video filming for my youtube channel, I am not actively pursuing this - I know it will develop in its own time, so I am taking it slow for now.

PAST: King of Cups - PRESENT: 4 of Swords - FUTURE: 3 of Pentacles

2. The past: the state of the business in the past, or the energies surrounding the business in the past King of Cups: that's me in my role as reader, guide, advisor. Kings and Queens show up when we take charge and display leadership. Vocationally, the King of Cups is a card associated with those who work in some form of counselling modality, or art/art therapy. And to be honest, the imagery could not be more apt: that's me there, with my head stuck in one book or another, be it for learning or just the sheer pleasure of reading a good book.

3. The future: the direction I would like my business to take in the future

3 of Pentacles shows my wish and intention for this to be my work, my vocation, and to have professional recognition in this field. The 3 of Pentacles is the card of someone at the "top of their game", so to speak. It is certainly not the card of a novice; it is a card of accomplishment and success in one's chosen profession. This aligns perfectly with what I really want to achieve long-term for my business, my deepest soul and heart-felt ambition.

4. Guidance from Spirit: what I need to do to get my business to were I want it to be as shown in card number 3

10 of Pentacles shows a a beautiful collage of butterflies, a symbol long associated with transformations, rebirth, and metamorphosis. The suit of pentacles is all about working with, and mastering, the earthly, pragmatic matters in life: one's work and financial compensation for such work coming at the top of the list. At number 10, we successfully complete a cycle and bring in abundance through work. To me, Spirit is encouraging me to work towards achieving continuity and growth in my projects, and the butterflies support any necessary changes to facilitate this. This is a card that says "Dream Big" and go all the way.

5. Is this the right business for me?

Ace of Cups: what a positive confirmation this card is, a definite YES with no doubts whatsoever! I consider all Aces to bring positive affirmations in a reading, unless surrounding cards indicate otherwise, however the Ace of Cups in particular carries a spiritual connection to the Divine, a gift from Heaven or the Great Spirit. I was deeply moved to see this card

show up as the answer to my question.

6. What spiritual lesson or journey is my business teaching me?

9 of Swords: The 9 of Swords is a card of having to face our fears, be they real or (more often than not) imagined. It's the card where the fear can be so great as to cause paralysis - or an awakening drenched in the sweat of nightmares. I think most people who choose to follow a path they love - as opposed to one driven by egotistical ambition or money - struggle with the concept of being able to support themselves while doing something they love, as well as self-doubt regarding their ability to succeed and be authentic. When the 9 of Swords shows up as a lesson, it is always about confronting our fears and processing the source of these fears, bringing this to light so it loses the power it holds over us.

7. Outcome card for the business

4 of Pentacles is a card of stability and achievement in business, so it was a great sight to see this as the outcome card. I have seen this card come up, on more than one occasion, to indicate success pertaining to work/career/business, contrary to its common "text-book" meaning of miserly disposition and holding on too tight. I think this is because it is a card of concrete manifestation on the physical realm, of creating structure and form (number 4) in the element of earth (pentacles), so whenever it shows up in matters relating to our work, it indicates initial success in creating the foundation and structure of one's chosen employment.

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