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Australia's Aries Ingress: insights and predictions for 2022

In this post I attempt to draw some insights and predictions for Australia for 2022 using a common technique called the Aries Ingress, where the country's chart is set for the Sun's entry into Aries for the particular year one is interested in. As the Sun's entry (ingress) in Aries usually occurs around 20th of March, the time period of concern also starts around the same time.

In doing so, I outline the key themes I see in the chart (bold), followed by their equivalent astrological correspondences.

Australia 2022 Aries Ingress

Before I start, I would like to draw attention to the fixed Ascendant sign (Aquarius), confirming that the chart applies for a whole year, starting on 21 March 2022 and ending at the next Aries Ingress in March 2023. My personal insights and predictions are as follows:

Australia 2022 Aries Ingress: Showing the Ascendant at 2 degrees Aquarius and 59 minutes

1. A year of restrictions and limitations, burdens, and an overall mood of severity and seriousness: the Ascendant is at 2 degrees Aquarius and 59 minutes; the traditional chart ruler (i.e. the ruler of the Ascendant), Saturn, in the first house. The first house represents the country's outlook, health and prosperity in general. Saturn is traditionally one of the "malefic" planets, and no amount of positive, new age transformational thinking will shift that: not because he is inherently negative, rather (in my opinion) because we see obstacles, restrictions and adversity as unfavourable experiences rather than something to learn and grown from, or perhaps even old karmic debts to be repaid. Pain and struggle bring a level of maturity and depth of understanding to life that a sugar-coated, superficial Peter-Pan experience does not wish to see, much less experience. They also bring humility and a humble appreciation for what truly matters in life. Saturn also represents "life threatening epidemics" (Skyscript), so the impacts of the pandemic, and the decision making associated with it, will continue to be a big influence for the coming 12 months. Further, Saturn squares the Moon's nodes, a rather difficult placement.

2. Challenges, limitations and restrictions pertaining to social life, marriage, children, and to those things that make life pleasurable and enjoyable, including associated spending on such things: a difficult first house containing two malefics, Mars and Saturn (circled in blue, left) and both also conjunct Venus (social life, marriage, children, pleasure, arts, money). As noted previously, the first house represents the country's outlook, health and prosperity in general. Mars in the mix brings discord and strife. Saturn brings constriction to the sphere of life governed by Venus, such as the Arts sector. Artists, musicians, performers, the music industry, theatre, etc. will feel this directly, but so will the public that would otherwise derive so much enjoyment, therapy and appreciation from it. Saturn conjunct Venus to me speaks of austerity, no fun, and with Mars, lack of harmony. Having both malefics (Mars and Saturn) in the first house does not augur well for the nation's prosperity, especially given Venus, planet of riches and luxury, is right between them: a depressed economic outlook is baked in the astrological cake. It also doesn't augur well for the nation's state of health either- though I don't need to make this clear given the pandemic is already sweeping through most states as I write this.

3. Deep, fundamental changes and transformation for the country overall, and also specifically for institutions such as hospitals, prisons and the welfare state: Pluto in the 12th house, conjunct Ascendant. A few notes on this: while Pluto is in the 12th house and in a different sign (Capricorn) from the Ascendant (Aquarius), I personally do consider its influence considerable as it is within 5 degrees of the Ascendant, and also owing to the Gauquelin effect.

Uranus in the fourth house, squaring Mars, Venus and Saturn

4. The above uncomfortable changes are also supported by Uranus (planet of shock, change, freedom and revolution) in the fourth house - the house of land and associated activities from land, such as agriculture and mining, as well as immoveable wealth such as real estate. These spheres of life will have unexpected changes take place, and given Uranus squares Mars, Venus and Saturn, such changes are not inclined to be positive (the tightest aspect is with Venus).

5. Despite the above, I consider that there are potentially huge financial gains to be made in money markets, such as the stock exchange, and YET - equally huge losses: Jupiter (planet of luck and expansion, and also presiding over banks and the banking system) in the second house of moveable wealth (money, banking, stock exchange) AND in its own sign, Pisces, AND conjunct Mercury, planet of trade, AND conjunct Neptune, planet of dissolution, fantasy and illusions, also in Pisces (which it co-rules with Jupiter). I am ambivalent as to which way the wind will blow on this one, because, as much as Jupiter is the great benefic in astrology, it is close to Neptune's rather negative influence. I'd say there is equal potential for dizzying heights in the stock exchange, but with Neptune in the mix, the risk of it all crashing/dissolving is not to be ignored. Neptune brings illusion and fantasy, which is great for arts but a disaster for banking, where it can bring losses and fraud, and with Jupiter in the mix, that means big losses.

A restructure of the banking system in one way or another is another good possibility. Come to think of it, the whole Jupiter-Neptune combo screams QE (Quantitative Easing), which is the last thing any economy needs, but the historical track record on the matter has taught me not to underestimate a government's ineptness and mediocrity in meeting an economic depression by kicking the can down the road with illusionary gimmicks such as QE. You know, infinite economic growth on a finite resource planet is an ill-advised strategy at the best of times.

6. The concerns of common people, the public in general, will dominate and be in focus, be significant, demand public attention and influence government decision making: the Moon (common people) in the 10th house (the house that represents government), and conjunct the Midheaven (circled in orange, left). Further, the Moon (the people and crowds) squares Pluto (deep transformation and power), a difficult aspect that hints at public demonstrations and crowd influence, clashing with those in power. In addition, the Moon is in Libra, ruled by Venus, and Venus is, as noted above, in between Saturn (the law) and Mars (violence), plus it forms a fairly tight square with Uranus (planet of revolution and shocks, located in the fourth house in opposition to the 10th house): demands for change will meet difficult, unpleasant circumstances. Nonetheless, the Moon's position at the top of the chart is an indicator that public influence will be significant and not inconsequential.

If this was a third world country, I'd go as far as saying an overthrow in government, but my experience is Australia has a pretty well funded police and military, and the events of the last year have left no doubt as to their eagerness in thwarting any public displays of opposition, so I don't consider that as an option at all. What I do consider, given the Moon's placement - is the election of a female leader as next Prime Minister. This is a cautious prediction on my behalf as so far no one comes to mind, but politics is an unpredictable game: time will tell.

7. Public health, workers in service industries and the health system in general, will also dominate the news and events of the year with challenging events taking place: the ruler of the 6th house (the house of public health, pandemics, workers and those who serve) is the Moon, again at the top of the chart. Given that the Moon squares Pluto in the 12th, it is supportive of difficult, deep, transformational changes and also challenging power structures.

The Lucky Country by Peter Lewis

Fair dinkum mate, where's the good news?! I hear you say. Personally I look to the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, to see where lucky breaks and fortunate events take place. After all, Australia is the lucky country, isn't it?! (well, ask any Traditional Owner how lucky it got for them, and let me know how you go). Fact is, Venus is conjunct both malefics, Saturn and Mars, while Jupiter, although in the house of money and in its own sign of Pisces and thus very potent and supportive of lucky financial breaks, is conjunct Neptune, a planet known to blur boundaries and dissolve structures. Maybe the good news is that decades of ridiculous waste and hubris will finally come to an end as people come to learn what really matters in life, as opposed to the trinkets and fakeness money bought in the past.

So, what can I conclude from the above?! Is Australia as a nation to face an economic apocalypse? Will a "new earth", a new society, be born out of its ashes? Promised lands and false calamities are the domain of fools and arrogant prophets, and I'd like to think I am neither. While the above chart is not a particularly positive one, our ancestors - over thousands of years no less - faced far greater challenges and learned -or managed with gritted teeth- to overcome them. So will we. Still, if the above chart is correctly set, and if my insights into its energies are accurately interpreted (granted, a big call at this early stage of my astrological practice), I would say 2022 is set to be a rough year for the country as a whole.

What can one individual do in the face of an oncoming wave? I would say, evaluate your life raft carefully: be that your home, your family, your community, your vocation, your spiritual practice and understanding of our world. These are the things that support us when troubles arise in the world: having a caring and loving family and community around us, doing work that aligns with our soul's calling, and fostering a relationship with spirit, in whatever form that may take for you.

Blessings to all,


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