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The Age of Aquarius, Part 3: The great reset

Continuing with the Age of Aquarius series, I would like to turn my attention to the ripples making their way to the surface of our consciousness from the deep visionary undercurrents of an Aquarian age.

In Part 1 of this series, I quoted Deborah Houlding’s insights on Aquarius, who wrote,

Aquarians are often recognised as social idealists, locked into a quest to pursue their guiding principles of truth, justice, democracy, universal harmony and brotherhood of man. Calm objectivity combined with idealistic vision results in a genuine interest for scientific ingenuity and a natural instinct for fair-mindedness. Known for being one of the most rational and humane signs of the zodiac, Aquarius, in its positive expression, is the archetype for civility, tact, reasoned logic, moderate behaviour and all-round good manners.They offer harmonising influences upon groups, especially with their penchant for bringing cool reason to heated debates and thus steering attention away from personal and emotional trysts to communal and intellectual problems that concern and unite us all.”

The first of 8 WEF predictions for 2030

One of the most fitting recent examples of the Aquarian penchant for social reform in line with their “airy” idealism is the “Great Reset” enthusiastically espoused by the World Economic Forum (WEF). For those unfamiliar with the organisation or its ideals, the WEF mission is simply “committed to improving the state of the world” (there’s that Aquarius keyword, “improving”). One of its most infamous predictions for our collective future is “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.” For those of you with vivid memories of communism, this will strike a very deep, very worrying chord. Just like communism is great in theory, and a complete failure in practice due to certain human unconscious drives and motives that ultimately lead those in charge to abuse their power and accumulate riches at the expense of everyone else, so too Mr Schwab’s idealised society is prone to the same historically proven well-trodden path of abysmal failure, and not least because first of all, as Mahatma Ghandi so eloquently put it, one should be the change they wish to see in the world. In other words, perhaps Mr Schwab should lead the way towards the utopia he so ardently pursues by setting an example and giving away everything he owns.

Personally I see Mr Schwab’s attempt as the less developed or unconscious Aquarian idealism towards a collective utopia: one that sees only a detached, intellectual vision completely removed from our roots as humans that were birthed here on Earth, with centuries and aeons of karmic experiences collectively shaped and driven by our interaction with the Earth, its inhered sacredness, power, magic and wonder. These experiences have involved, first and foremost, a tangible, concrete, and tactile interaction with the Earth and its elements, energies, limitations and rewards. I do agree that we as a species must find a way to cohabit on this finite planet in a manner that supports life, not destroys it for the pursuit of shareholder profits, infinite GDP growth, and other economic models that are fast bringing us towards a global Easter Island scenario. I’m just not convinced by the flaky propositions and predictions made by the WEF, despite their videos infused with saccharine smiles and techno-gadgetry promises. This brilliant piece by John Michael Greer is well worth a read in entirety, and echoes many of the reasons why I have no fear of this “Great Reset” being a lasting legacy:

The Great Reset is being marketed by a gallimaufry of politicians, plutocrats, and tame intellectuals: some of the most cosseted people on earth, sheltered in a cozy bubble of privilege that keeps them safe from any untoward encounter with the harsh realities of life. Not for them the world the rest of us have to deal with—the bleak and violent urban neighborhoods, the grinding poverty of the countryside, the cracked and crumbling highways and bridges, the stealth inflation of shrinking product sizes and plummeting product quality! Flitting from gated residential communities or high-end condos to office towers to exclusive vacation resorts, they aren’t the Lenins of today’s world—they’re the Brezhnevs, the Andropovs, and the Chernenkos. They represent the end of an era, not its beginning. John Michael Greer

Interestingly, I did cast the chart for the WEF, and – surprise, surprise – the organisation has its natal Sun in Aquarius, showing it identifies strongly with Aquarian aspirations and drives.

WEF chart – set for midday as time unknown, so the Moon could well be in the late degrees of Sagittarius

The other interesting thing about its chart is the complete absence of water. Yet the element of water is a core part of the sign of Aquarius, aptly shown in its glyph via the pouring of water, the element Jung associated with feelings and emotions. Caring, compassion, love, tenderness, empathy: these are not some abstract ideals that we arrive at in some far-off sterile future dictated by those corrupted by power. They are the essence of what makes us human, and are the first qualities to be cultivated before we embark on any other plans towards a better society. In fact, I dare say that if those qualities were not only nurtured in every child but supported throughout their adolescent years, rather than being discarded or diminished for intellectual pursuits, academic achievements and unhealthy competition against their fellow peers, there would be no need to dream of going to Mars.

That water is completely lacking from its chart indicates these qualities are not the main drivers for the WEF, its foundation or its ideals. It’s great to have a dominance of earth (pragmatism, finances, work), air (reason) and fire (idealism, enthusiasm and vision) for a business, however when you are leading an organisation whose aim is to profoundly change the way humans interact with each other and their resources, a lack of water in the chart is rather concerning.

It will be interesting to see what 2021 brings for WEF, given it will soon experience a beneficial transit from Jupiter moving over its natal Sun in early January 2021 – I would say this would heighten its ambitions to expand and put in practice its aims. However, not far behind is Saturn, who will cross over its Sun around mid-January: will Saturn help its vision materialise and given concrete form, or will it bring the challenges, set-backs, limitations and obstructions that saw it being labelled as a malefic planet in traditional astrology? Time will tell.

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